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How Homecare Software Can Increase Your Agency’s Holiday Business

New York -- March 24, 2018

Those patients who need service less often may find that they need a few more visits than normal during the holiday rush.

With Carecenta homecare software system, at your fingertips, you can use technology to help boost business and prepares you for the holidays. Here’s how:


Consumer marketing refers to your marketing efforts that are aimed directly at your potential clients. As with all marketing, the goal of consumer marketing is to remind people that you exist and help

 them understand all the services you provide. With Carecenta homecare software, you can send messages to patients, their doctors and their loved ones directly from Carecenta.


Referral marketing includes all marketing efforts aimed directly at current clients, doctor’s offices and other referral sources, as opposed to potential new clients themselves.

Referrals can come from those who work closest with seniors, including hospital discharge planners, healthcare professionals, state agencies, hospice employees, etc.

The trick is to network and build the relationships with these professional sources, so they are familiar with your agency. When these professionals know and trust your agency, they will be more likely to refer potential clients to you.

Working to impress your referral sources and clients during the holidays with impeccable service using homecare software such as a Carecenta home care software, you may get the opportunity to turn occasional clients into regulars, or get new clients.