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Infinity Infusion Nursing, LLC selects Carecenta as the Exclusive Management Software Provider for Home Infusion Therapy Agency

New York -- December 29, 2021

Carecenta well known for its powerful end-to-end Homecare Management software solution continues to be the 1st choice for big names in the long-term care industry with their Homecare, Day Care and Nursing & Home Infusion Management requirements.

NEW YORK – Carecenta, Inc., the leading end-to-end Management Software solution for Homecare, Adult Day Care, and Nursing & Home Infusion agencies is proud to announce its selection as the exclusive management software partner for Infinity Infusion Nursing, LLC, a nation-wide leader of In Home Infusion Therapy with Specialty Pharmacies.  

According to Amy Wright, CEO at Infinity Infusion Nursing, LLC, the choice was influenced by Carecenta’s ability to easily process critical compliance, billing, and payroll requirements.  The reasons for Carecenta winning the contract include:

Best end-to-end solution for Nursing Infusion Management Software
“Carcenta gives us the ability to have everything we need in one area and not have multiple solutions,” said Wright.

Best software solution for staffing and workflow requirements 
“The ability to go from paper to EMR (Electronic Medical Record)! Streamline our staffing ability to a much broader span,” said Wright.

Best On-Boarding and Implementation Process
“Carecenta has gone above and beyond our expectations and we truly chose the partnership due to [Carcenta’s] ability to just make it work. I never heard the words, ‘we can’t,’ we only heard, ‘we can,’ and can you did,” said Wright.

Best Responsive Software Solution, with a focus on important details
“The responsiveness and attention to detail we needed in a software, was done without any reservations. Infinity is looking forward to continued success and a beautiful partnership with Carecenta,” said Wright.   

About Carecenta:                                         

Since 2013, Carecenta has been the premiere Management Software for Medical & Non-Medical Home Care, Adult Day Care, Nursing & Home Infusion organizations. The platform provides the next generation in robust workflow and financial solutions for agencies of all sizes.                       

The supercharged SaaS system offers management of patient intake, scheduling, referrals, caregivers, and provides electronic visit verification (EVV), multilingual #800 telephony GPS; secure SMS, electronic billing, remittance, payroll, and reporting.


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