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Carecenta Enterprise Home Care Software Research & Development

New York -- February 16, 2017

During the research and development stages of Carecenta's new Homecare Management Software, our vision was based on the development of a world-class platform that would exceed client expectations. Our teams studied every existing type of homecare software. With our extensive industry knowledge and experience, we reviewed software and conducted tedious tests and risk management analysis that proved to be very worthwhile because the information, flaws, and defects we were looking for were forthcoming.

To cite just one issue, the ongoing problems with the manner in which electronic medical records are being recorded and stored is a huge security issue that we wanted to avoid, and we did just that.

Since 1996, our focus has always been customer-centric. We're pleased to announce that true to our original concept, Carecenta provides cost-effective information technology solutions and resources conceived and created in the United States without outsourcing.