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Is Excel Enough?: When to Think About Upgrading Your Home Care Management Software

New York -- July 10, 2024

There are home care agencies being started throughout the country. Home care is a growing industry within the United States, as more seniors are choosing to age in place. With many startup home care agencies, the owners are coming into a new industry with perhaps some knowledge of home health care or of running an agency. However many startup agencies are utilizing outdated methods for their home care management. In our discussions with our clients, we discovered that a significant portion of them were using Excel or other manual options for their workflow as they thought those options would be enough for an agency in its infancy. As their census grew, their needs changed and the processes set in place were not enough. Our clients were overwhelmed, and so turned to Carecenta for help. 


When should you consider upgrading your home care management software? Here are 10 signs to look for:

  1. Your census is growing rapidly

  2. Increasing the number of caregivers 

  3. Spending too much on external vendors 

  4. Accounting and billing taking time away from other management needs 

  5. Need for additional payment options, including private paying, insurance, and Medicaid. 

  6. The agency needs to include EVV processes 

  7. Manual processes becoming too cumbersome for training new employees 

  8. Loss of patients or caregiver turnover due to inefficient methods 

  9. Malfunctioning or tedious workflow systems that are costing you money 

  10. Overpriced software that is bleeding out your income and causing delays, stress, and dissatisfaction 


Do any of these apply to you?


Home care agencies are always evolving. What worked for your agency when you first started might not be serving your long term revenue and business development goals. Even if your agency is mid-sized or larger, there is an opportunity to reassess what worked previously. There is always room to optimize your home care agency and find better tools for success. Carecenta allows for home care agencies to streamline their workflows and complete day to day management tasks with a few clicks of a button. The software has supported clients in improving their home care agency to better support their patients, aides, caregivers, coordinators, and staff.