The Ultimate in Care Management Software

Carecenta saves me time. Across the board: case coordination, scheduling, billing and payroll

New York -- February 02, 2019

Pros: We have few hundred patients. We've tried HHA Exchange and ClearCare. The cost with them was beyond what we could afford. Carecenta on the other hand provides more services for less. For instance, we can bill Medicaid directly, which is not available through ClearCare. And, overall, it's much more user-friendly, easy to use and has more services. I like they've added skilled services now, which is also not available thu ClearCare, and much easier to use than the HHA Exchange.

Overall: Another plus is that it's really fun to work with this incredible cloud-based software. I can check on schedules from anywhere from home, or even in transit, solve any problems, find a replacement, etc. Carecenta constantly improves and upgrades its features. Just last week they've improved their visual HHA availability search on the map. I can see the differences in rates right there and mass-text or mass-email to all aids in the vicinity of my patient using a private text number and get their responses back on my own cell.