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Software That's Setting Standards
in Real-World Environments

Carecenta optimizes and streamlines processes
through providing superior
technology at low cost,
that leads to an unprecedented
increase in efficiency for:

more served

45%increase in efficiency


Carecenta will streamline and minimize
your VISIT-TO-PAYMENT cycle.
With Carecenta you will:
  • Spend less time on scheduling
  • Verify visits electroniacally
  • Do biling and payroll in minutes
  • Get paid faster
  • Pass audits quickly and confidently
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Carecenta is cost-effective solution for adult day care facility of any size.
With Carecenta you get:
  • Automated check-in
  • Instant billing
  • Transportation and meals tracking
  • Get paid faster
  • Increase your patient base
List of Features


Carecenta scheduling and billing management software delivers a one-stop solution to a home infusion company:
  • Shorten VISIT-TO-BILLING cycle
  • Minimize cost per visit
  • Provide real-time GPS tracking
  • Increase your bottom line
List of Features

We Totally Redefined the Word Advantage

Our goal is to help clients easily outmaneuver their competition with an array of competitively priced packages that include all of the finest cutting edge components needed in custom configured applications.

Carecenta not only facilitates efficient management of HR compliance, scheduling, electronic visit verification tracking, account receivables, electronic billing, labor costs, and overtime wages, it automates the entire process.

Carecenta measurably reduces agency operating expenses, simplifies audits, and provides an unprecedented transparency for regulators. It also speaks to the bottom line with increased profitability.

96%Carecenta users report increase in productivity
70%are increasing census within first quarter

* The numbers based on customer surveys conducted by our company during the period from 2013-2024. Last updated July 1, 2024.

When we finally researched Carecenta, we were very impressed with its track record, performance and rich functionality. It almost sounded too good to be true.
Linda J
Office Manager

The Only Software You'll Ever Need

Carecenta is a key to a complex business tasks facing home care agency dailyAs an American based company, we set our standards high whether it's research, product development, training, support, or the inclusion of state-of-the-art technology. With our Software as a Service (SaaS) model, absolutely nothing is outsourced, nor will it be.

We invite you to explore a prime example of what we've described. It's called Carecenta solutions. Our cost-effective information technology solutions are built to streamline daily management routine, simplify and optimize internal processes, save thousands of man-hours and dramatically decrease the costs of running a business.

Software Features

Carecenta's feature-rich software not only delivers all solutions necessary to achieve your company growth and profitability goals but goes further to seamlessly provide newest technological innovations to give your business an edge over competition, including:

  • Dashboard and Checkpoints Customized to Your Role
  • Support for Billing for All Insurance Carriers, MLTC, CHAR and Medicaid
  • Seamless Integration with Clearing Houses, such as MDOL and RelayHealth
  • Easy-to-Switch Intuitive System
  • Comprehensive User Guides for Administrators, Schedulers, HR and Billing
  • Skilled and Non-Skilled Nursing Support
  • Active Caregiver Management
  • Payroll Provider Integration
  • Fraud Prevention Technologies
  • Multiple Security Levels with Delegation Functionality
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Unprecedented Transparency for Regulators
  • Initial and On-Going Training
  • Five-Star Live Person Support


  • Visual Scheduling with Smart Coordination
  • Real-Time Case Schedule Monitoring
  • Automated Case Discharge and Schedule Status Changes
  • Easy-to-Fill Appointment Options
  • Secure In-Office Messaging
  • On-Call Management
  • Private Texting
  • Electronic Attendance Verification
  • Live Scheduling View
  • Automated Paper Timesheet Processing
  • Multilingual 800# Telephony for Attendance Clock-In and Clock-Out
  • GPS and Cellular Visit Tracking
  • Referral Management
  • Authorization & Notifications

Human Resources

  • Automated Compliance Population based on regulation in your state
  • Integrated Background and Immigration Checks
  • Integrated DOH Channel
  • Employee Time & Attendance Management
  • Mass Employee Notifications
  • Payroll In Minutes with Automated Audit
  • Secure Email and SMS Communication
  • Text & Email Notification to Out-Of-Compliance Employees in Advance
  • Mail Merge for Employee Mailing
  • DOL Handling Automation
  • InService Classes
  • Automated Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

Billing & Payroll

  • Automated Account Receivables
  • Support for Billing All Insurance Companies, MLTC, CHAR and Medicaid
  • Seamless Integration with Clearing Houses such as MDOL and RelayHealth
  • Billing In Minutes with Automated Audit
  • Electronic Billing (EBilling)
  • E-Remittance with Automated EOP Processing
  • Invoice Forms: UB-04, 1500-2012 and dozens more generated in minutes
  • Invoices with Printed Timesheets
  • Real-Time Account Receivables Reports and Checkpoints

Real-Time Activity Snapshot

  • Over 150 Real-Time Reports on Clients, Scheduling, Employees, Billing and Payroll
  • Get Notified About Critical Issues
  • Carecenta's advanced communication is a highly efficient messaging and notification system that reaches owner, administrator, or your staff wherever they are, via text, phone or e-mail.

and more...

It's very easy to gain a detailed overview of our software. Schedule a Carecenta demo today.


Software Expertise

Our healthcare industry history and accomplishments date back to 1996 with the development of 1,000 plus mission critical application projects.

We provide clients with user-friendly, intuitive, state-of-the-art solutions built in the United States.

We have a long history in enterprise with an in-depth understanding of the challenges healthcare firms are currently facing.

The success we have achieved in serving both SMBs and Fortune 500 companies is based on an in-depth understanding of the industry, its rapid and ongoing evolution, and the strict compliance requirements. Moreover, our expertise also includes insights into the challenges facing a diverse array of industry verticals.

How to Determine an Objective Software Assessment

In examining meaningful use home care software, there are numerous considerations, starting with whether or not the software is actually improving patient care, providing top-level flexibility, performing consistently and aiding human resources efforts.

During an objective assessment process, the following points should be carefully examined:

  • Is the software failing to accurately deliver key services, including scheduling, HR compliance, electronic billing and automated accounts receivable?
  • Is the staff able to easily review electronic visit verification tracking?
  • Is the software increasing rather than decreasing financial expenditures?
  • How old is the software your company uses?
  • Are updates regularly available?
  • How would you rank the software's compliance performance on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being excellent and 5 being poor performance?
  • Is your company maximizing employee time and talent?
  • If not, what problems prevent this from taking place?
  • Would you honestly rank your operation as smooth and efficient?
  • Does your software provide efficient and scalable solutions for future growth?
  • How user-friendly is your software?
  • Have you considered exploring the newest software in the industry that provides premium and customized user-friendly solutions without the premium price tag?

Whether you're operating or working for a social adult day care center, home care agency, or a home infusion company, you know how quickly the industry is expanding based on increased demands. It is a rapidly growing market with firms that should be able to make great strides into the future.

The primary key is advanced preparation to successfully embrace the future. This approach, combined with robust software and support, delivers a powerhouse that's capable of setting new standards in real-world environments.

Our clients

The entire billing takes few minutes!

My company has fifteen contracts with several hundred cases each and billing was always a big challenge.

We were always losing money due to the fact that the software we were using for the past seven years could not provide the accuracy we have now.

Since we switched to Carecenta, the entire billing and accounts receivable takes a few minutes. Carecenta does everything for you.

Tony V.,
Billing Department

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