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Most advanced home care management we ever had

New York -- January 04, 2018

Pros: My professional experience as a case coordinator spans more than 12 years. At times, it seem almost impossible that I've been in this industry for so long. I think that may be because I'm so dedicated to my work. Helping to turn lives around gives me tremendous satisfaction and a great sense of personal accomplishment. I am quite familiar with most of the home care industry management software, because software is an integral part of my everyday work. It was a big plus when I discovered Carecenta, because the software makes my life so much easier. To give you some examples, authorizations and employee compliance are very high priority with me when it comes to scheduling an open case. Carecenta provides unique features that track authorization, allow me to instantly communicate with multiple HHAs in seconds via text right from the software, include electronic visit verification tracking, and full compliance. Carecenta constantly improves and upgrades its features. Just last week they've improved their visual HHA availability search on the map. Now I can mass-text or mass-email to all aids in the vicinity of my patient using a private text number and get their responses back on my own cell, and even send message back to them without revealing my own cell number, through Carecenta. All messages are also stored in employee record. Awesome!

Cons: The only downside I can think of is that Carecenta doesn't go far enough in covering medical and skilled nursing services. It does have medication tracking and nursing fillable forms, however I would recommend adding OASIS functionality, although this wouldn't be necessary for my company, since we are not billing for any of the nursing services.

Recommendations to other buyers: To help you evaluate the home care soft and to address the previous review, I think you might benefit a lot and do more with Carecenta by not skipping training and dedicating some real time and effort to it.