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Home Care Software Efficiency in Overcoming Cash Flow Problems Proves Measurable Results

New York -- September 03, 2017

Home health care and adult daycare are highly regulated industries where managers rely heavily on documentation.  It’s easy for many industry companies’ managers to feel as if most of their days are spent managing reams of paperwork. That's quite common, and one of the major problems that consistently happens is that as sales grow they watch their bottom line slowly head south. To say that it's frustrating is an understatement.


Paperwork is a problem for several reasons.

Paper documentation creates inefficiencies in even the most well-run environment. Research firm PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that as much as 7.5 percent of all documents are misfiled and an additional 3 percent of documents are lost forever. And the costs of those lost and misplaced documents are significant: Just the act of creating and filing a document can cost an agency $20; the cost then spent searching for and recreating documents is $120 and $220, respectively.

Home health care is in a unique position when it comes to paperless offices. On one hand, the homecare and adult day care industry as a whole is clinging to systems and procedures that are for the most part, frankly outdated.

Experts point to several reasons for a reluctance to move to electronic solutions, chief among them cost.

The Cost

The costs associated with taking a business electronic, considering software, hardware, training, and maintenance, can skyrocket into the hundreds of thousands of dollars – or higher.

There are also the regulatory challenges; under healthcare laws, many agencies spend as much as 75% of their time during a patient visit documenting care, and must keep up with constant changes to requirements and standards. Not to mention, many home care agencies and adult day care note that they devote a great deal of resources to HR compliance monitoring, in-service training of staff in technological tools, often to learn that a change in a regulation means they need to learn an entirely new method of using those tools. Going paperless actually increases an agency’s likelihood of meeting meaningful use criteria, considering that an advanced home care software will provide scheduling, billing and compliance solutions.


The following question might help to gain insights into alternatives:

How many work hours has your home care software solution actually replaced in a given week?  

Based on the above, an extra staff member's annual pay is utilized for every 100 patients, or twice as much, if you are not deploying new and agile home care software that speaks to your bottom line.


Why Carecenta

Carecenta, the ultimate in advanced home care management software, is a cloud-based platform that features the next generation of robust workflow management and financial software for companies of all sizes in Home Care, Adult Day Care and Home Infusion

Additionally, Carecenta has also earned a reputation as software of choice for hospice agencies and managed long-term care organizations.

During the research and development stages of Carecenta's new Homecare Management Software, our vision was based on the development of a world-class platform that would exceed client expectations. Our teams studied every existing type of home care software. With our extensive industry knowledge and experience, we reviewed software and conducted tedious tests and risk management analysis that proved to be very worthwhile because the information, flaws, and defects we were looking for were forthcoming.

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Our efficiency and capability is like non other available in the industry now and we encourage home health care professionals to take our demo and learn more about how we can help you exceed the challenges in managing home care agencies and adult daycare.