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How Does Home Care Management Help Nurses?

New York -- April 04, 2024

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Nurses and the nursing support teams are some of the most crucial parts of any home care agency. Nurses do a lot and their hard work helps to keep a home care agency running smoothly. So what can we do to make their lives easier? For one thing, getting a strong home care management system like Carecenta can be just one step in the right direction. Carecenta is a cloud-based home care management software that is full-service, one-stop for all home care needs.


How can Carecenta truly help nurses? Here are a few ways… 


Information available in a single place 


We all know that nurses have to keep a lot in their minds at all times, and are constantly multi-tasking. But imagine if you are a nurse or part of a home health team and you constantly had to switch between different platforms to find different sets of information. Like who of your colleagues is going to what patient, what each patient's individual care plans are, and what other needs each patient has. By using a system like Carecenta, all this information is fully integrated which means that your staff doesn’t have to go hunting for every piece of information. They can just go about their day and continue doing the work they need to do. 


The DPS can manage most effectively. 


One thing that can be most frustrating to many employees is a manager that doesn’t or simply can’t manage effectively. Often this is not just because of incompetence but because of outdated practices or buggy systems. One way to help your nursing team is to be a strong and confident manager.With a system like Carecenta, you can be on top of all different parts of your business including billing, compliance, and scheduling while managing care plans and patient information. This way when your team needs something from you, they can get it  With Carecenta,there is a higher retention point with field nurses. 


Patient care plans available 


There might be a situation where a home health aide has to switch days or fill in for someone else. With Carecenta, an efficient home care management system, then their patients’ care plans are integrated with other aspects of the business. This can make the transition seamless, though the patient might be a bit surprised to find out they have someone else coming. This ties into the above point. With a fully integrated and automated system, caregivers can be flexible and account for situations where things have to change. 


Payroll is taken care of 


If your staff consists mainly of contract employees, then perhaps you know how stressful that can be. There is the concern that your check might not come, or that your submitted hours did not go through. With a system like Carecenta, your nursing team can be confident that their paycheck is coming thanks to Carecenta’ state of the art payroll capabilities. This means that they can focus on doing good work, and they can be retained. With a few missed payments, you will have a roster of unhappy caregivers who will take their talents elsewhere. 


Accommodating changing schedules 


Even with the best of intentions, life can get in the way. Oftentimes caregivers have to change their availability for various reasons. That could be anything from a change in their family life to a new obligation from another job. This is especially true because some caregivers do the work as extra income. With an automated scheduling platform, these changes can be accommodated easily and without much thought. Carecenta offers live view scheduling and easy to fill appointment management. These features are helpful as they can make your employees’ lives easier and in turn retain them as your agency grows. 


Integration with insurance and clearinghouses 


Let’s suppose your management system is not integrated with Medicare or a clearinghouse and all that paperwork has to be done manually. It could happen that something slips through the cracks somewhere and paperwork does not get filed or something messes up somewhere somehow. Your very busy nurse goes to a patient’s house only to be told that the patient cannot receive care and it’s a whole hassle to figure out this mess. But with an integrated system, you can be on top of these issues and ensure that no one is wasting their time or missing out on crucial care. 


Home care management can contribute to many if not all aspects of the business and all the teams within the agency. For nurses, it is important they have the information and support they need to perform their job effectively. With a poor system, there is a risk of mismanagement, unhappy staff, uncared for patients, and an agency running below its potential. Carecenta offers a number of useful features that touch on all aspects of home care management. With a tool like this, your nursing teams can continue to work tirelessly to give their patients the help and care they need.