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Carecenta saved our cashflow and time with electronic billing

New York -- October 23, 2021

Comments: By using Carecenta I am able to see authorization for patience care faster. I am notified if there are any problems with compliance applying to any of my HHA's and can quickly navigate to anther HHA to send out to the patience. The cloud based system allows me to view my HHA's schedule from anywhere. Plan of care is now manageable because of Carecenta software. As long as I have internet access I can check to see that my HHA's have completed all daily tasks. This insures me success for my agency. This is really helpful.

Pros: Many hours of manual management were saved and redirected to growing our business. Our Carecenta WOW moment was in the first month of use. We quickly realized that our accuracy increased and our efficiency went up by 100%.

Cons: Carecenta is probably more sophisticated that we would need since we don't use all the skilled nursing part.