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Amazing how this brought us out of the stone age into the now age

New York -- December 04, 2020

Pros: With close to 80 + full time and 30 part time/seasonal this platform really hit the mark. Built in background and immigration checks freed up the HR staff to focus more on recruiting. Real time tracking and ETA really helps especially when family members would sometimes be worried if they were actually on their way. Time in/out saves them time from having to come into office everyday to start their day.

Cons: It was a little rough to make heads or tails of the multiple "real time" reports. Then we hada few hiccups trying to integrate it into our AR/AP database.

Overall: HIPPA compliant. Built in security. Real time ETA because like most people, something else always comes up and letting them know how close their care giver is eases their mind. Being able to schedule our different employee types is a God send and remote clock in/out only helped streamline the business.