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Do I need home care management software for my billing?

New York -- April 11, 2024

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"I handle my own billing.

So why do I need homecare management software?"

This is a common phrase that we have heard from our prospective clients. And we're sure that they have a system that works for them. Maybe they've got an Excel wizard that can manage spreadsheets without breaking a sweat. Maybe they outsource their billing to a company who has never made a mistake and is a trusted vendor. 


That all can be true, but what's the risk?


Audits require home care agencies to go back seven years. With Carecenta, the agencies’ documents are protected in a centralized location. The process for filing and maintaining them is formalized, so that any new employee can learn it. The automation of the reporting also minimizes the risk of errors or, worse, a snowball effect of errors getting worse. This is not the kind of situation they would want to face during an audit. While an agency might have a foolproof system in place, if that system is manual then there is always a chance that it could lead to a larger issue down the road. 


“But my employee is an absolute wizard at Excel.

They have never made a mistake before,

and I trust that they won’t in the future.”


Even if the agency has an Excel guru on their team, there is still some risk. For one thing, their guru could leave at any moment for another role. Then they’re stuck looking for a replacement. Or they could have a system breakdown and lose their documentation. Home care agencies do not want to be in the position of being left out to dry and then have an audit. Even if the agency can find a replacement, will they be as good as the previous one? Will they be able to catch on to that former employee’s system? With a system that is personal=ze to the person running it, it will be difficult to learn it. 


“I have a vendor that we have been using for our billing.

We trust them and have been using them for years!”


Relying on a third party for billing is even more of a risk than having someone internally manage it alone. The risk is that the home care agency has no control over the other company. They could become insolvent. They could close up shop. Or lose all of their documents. The problem here is that when the agency needs their documents they might not be available to the home care agency. What happens if the vendor closes up shop and then 2 years later the agency is up for an audit?


There is always a chance that something can happen when a home care agency performs their work manually. It is best to protect the home agency with automated documenting and centralized processes. This way everyone on the team can receive the same training. If billing is done by only one person then the processes will not be so personalized that someone can't pick up on it if they are new to the agency. 


How Carecenta can help


With Carecenta, the home care management software holds all of their billing in a centralized location that can be accessed by everyone on their staff. The process would be formalized and reports can be generated instantaneously. This will save home care agencies when the audit comes up and they do not need to rely on third parties to maintain their statements.


Carecenta allows for total control and transparency over a home care agency’s billing needs. The system is easy to understand and train for. As a one stop destination for all home care needs, Carecenta allows for full integration across all business needs. The workflows can work seamlessly together to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks. The margin of error decreases as is the necessity for third parties. With Carecenta, the home care agency can be in charge of every dollar coming in and going out of the business and can continue their business seamlessly.