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5 Tips for Growing Your Home Care Agency Census

New York -- March 21, 2024

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Growing your census is an important but difficult task for home care agencies. This is especially true for smaller agencies who are just starting out. It takes a lot of effort and a lot of resources, which many agency owners might not have. For those agencies that are struggling with increasing their number of patients there are several strategies that they can focus on, depending on their census goals, services offered, and budget concerns. 


Strengthen your referral channels 


Home care agencies have several referral channels they can pursue: hospitals, doctors, healthcare providers, and other institutions that serve the demographics you want to capture. This could mean reaching out through social media or email, but perhaps the most effective method would be to pound the pavement and meet people in person. These referral channels are built through relationships, and be sure to meet, discuss, pitch, and maintain connection. 


Encourage existing clients to leave reviews 


Hearing from previous clients is a crucial way that potential clients can favor one provider over another. Ask your existing clients to leave reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, and any other sites that your company is listed on. Request sound bites from your clients that can be put in social media and on your website. This will help your potential clients to find your agency and develop trust that you provide a quality service. 


Become an active participant in your community


Find volunteer opportunities, sponsorship opportunities, and seminars that you can be a part of. By building a foundation of being an expert in your field, you convey that your agency is one that can be trusted. Also it is a great way to meet referral channels who might want a personal connection before sending a patient your way. 




It might seem simple, but you might be surprised how little people do it. Ask for referrals from your patients, your network, your healthcare professionals, and your friends and family. You can offer incentives for current clients to be a referral channel, whatever that might look like and make sense for your agency. 


Create partnerships with relevant institutions


Do some research about institutions that serve similar clientele but in different capacities. Find ways to partner together to create a mutually beneficial relationship. This can be great for building a strong foundation for a referral source. The partnership is a long game strategy, meaning that it’s something that will take time but will continue to pay off as long as you maintain it. 


These are just some strategies you can employ for building your client base. There’s no quick strategy for this, and some might take some time. Creating an online presence through social media and digital advertising is of course an available option. However, with this industry being very relationship-based, it will be worth it to think about more personal strategies that will continue to be successful for years to come.