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The MarketWatch News: Carecenta Is The Next Generation of Software

New York -- January 14, 2022

It is no secret that America's healthcare system is struggling. While there are many reasons for that, one is the software that companies use: it is outdated and cannot keep up with the fast pace of each work day. This is particularly true in long-term healthcare, which is seeing an increase in the number of patients as the U.S. population gets older. This demands a solution before the system is in crisis. Fortunately, Carecenta Holdings Inc. has found an answer: innovative cloud-based software that eliminates redundant daily operations and lowers the cost of running a healthcare business.

The Carecenta conglomerate comprises seven solutions that represent seven cloud-based workflow and financial management SaaS platforms, each of which procures and streamlines operations in its own unique way. Carecenta platforms use the Software as Service (SaaS) model, through which its B2B customers pay a monthly fee based on a number of user seats, patients they have on the system, and its usage.???

Carecenta Home Care Solution is a one-stop solution to intake, patient management, home care visit scheduling, compliance, billing, accounts receivables, payroll, and reporting. It is also a leading mobile and telephony Electronic Visit Verification, or EVV, solution that meets the highest government requirements across the United States and Canada and is integrated with all. Its customers are both medical and non-medical as well as skilled and unskilled home care agencies of various sizes, from small startups to large enterprises with thousands of patients and multiple offices across the U.S. Home Care is unique in that its features allow the users to schedule, monitor, and manage patient home care visits in real-time.

Daycenta Solution is the first complete management SaaS software specifically built for the rapidly growing adult day care market sector. It is different from its competitors, whose software was designed to serve other markets and so must be adapted to the adult day care industry. Daycenta is suitable for both the social and medical adult day care models. It streamlines and optimizes??? service management through state-of-the-art technology in tracking, monitoring, and communication to minimize service turnarounds, speed up cash flow, and greatly affect companies' bottom line.???

Pharmacenta Solution is the only cloud-based nurse management software specifically designed for infusion and specialty pharmacies. Pharmacenta will bridge the gap between infusion pharmacy and nursing agency, providing lightning quick exchange of information. Pharmacenta Platform allows infusion and specialty pharmacies to securely place patient information and orders with infusion nursing agencies, using a unique Placement Board available to nursing agencies, and to track its attendance and completion in real time. It also streamlines order delivery and processing and minimizes billing turnaround, which directly speaks to the bottom line of any specialty pharmacy. Unlike the competition, Pharmacenta has eliminated outdated technology, like manual calling or faxes, setting new standards with a platform specifically tailored to serve specialty and infusion pharmacies. Pharmacenta's active client list includes one of the top two pharmacies in the United States and the world.

Nursing Cloud Solution is a complete nursing management SaaS. It streamlines and optimizes nursing service management through state-of-the-art technology in tracking, monitoring, and communicating to minimize service turnarounds, speeding up cash flow, and greatly affecting companies' bottom lines. The software is suitable for skilled, visiting, and home infusion nursing. Stand-out features include a dashboard and checkpoints that are customized to a user's role as well as electronic billing for all insurance carriers, MLTC, CHAR, and Medicaid.???

Hospicenta Solution is a hospice management SaaS. Bringing modern day innovation and flexibility to the hospice sector, Hospicenta facilitates both adults' and children's hospices with flexible and configurable management solutions. Users will value in particular the increased transparency for regulators and the ability to better manage active caregivers.

Alcenta Solution is an assisted living management SaaS. Assisted living facilities, memory care communities, residential care homes, and continuing care retirement communities can use the Alcenta-assisted living management SaaS to easily plan, track, and manage their entire care delivery and medication management operations. Users enjoy Alcenta's comprehensive user guides for administrators, schedulers, HR, and Billing employees in addition to five-star live support.

Nurcenta Solution is a nursing home management SaaS. Nursing homes, now more commonly known as skilled nursing facilities, serve as licensed healthcare residences for individuals who require a higher level of medical care than can be provided in an assisted living facility. Skilled and unskilled nursing employees have unparalleled support through initial and ongoing training. Nurcenta also simplifies patient scheduling through easy-to-fill appointment options.???

Centa Monitor Solution is proprietary software that by using Big Data Analytics can assist government agencies or insurance companies with aggregating data for the oversight of their managed long-term care programs, patients, and plans. It can also improve transparency and accuracy of service scheduling, plan of care, compliance, billing, and real-time reporting. Its greatest innovation is the ability to conduct remote audits of the participating agencies' employees and patient base in real time, eliminating the need to conduct in-person, door-to-door audit visits in person as well as greatly reducing the risk of improprieties.???

The impact of Carecenta's software has been impressive. Regarding scheduling and attendance verification, by using Carecenta' software, one coordinator could comfortably handle 200 cases instead of 50, an increase of 400%. In Human Resources, an employee could easily manage 2,000 aids instead of 500, an increase of 400%. In billing, one biller could comfortably handle 1,500 client cases instead of 150, a 900% increase. These results are gaining the company a lot of attention from investors and buyers alike, and Carecenta anticipates that its software will be the preferred choice of long-term care providers.

The owners of the company foresee a strong future for Carecenta, which has been growing at 80-127% annually for the past 7 years. The U.S. long-term care industry is expected to reach $751 billion by 2027. Internationally, the global long-term care (LTC) market is expected to reach $1,255.9 billion by 2024, according to a new report by Grand View Research Inc. The market is expected to boom, owing to longevity increase and advances in technologies and treatment. Countries around the world will need to develop more comprehensive strategies to address challenges associated not only with financing LTC but also with delivering services and support and meeting the needs of both beneficiaries and providers/caregivers. To date, Carecenta has clients in Canada and Chile and is negotiating with businesses in other countries. Carecenta has received inquiries from both private and government sectors of Australia, Canada, South America, Saudi Arabia, and France. 15% of all inquiries come from overseas customers.

It is clear that Carecenta's software suite is the solution many in the healthcare industry have been waiting for. More than half of people who are over the age of 65 will need long-term care in their lifetime, so Carecenta's technology, which eliminates waste and optimizes the daily running of a medical business, is welcome news.