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Who We Are

Carecenta, one of New York's fastest growing healthcare IT companies was pioneered by a team of health care industry experts and a brilliant group of dedicated programmers, all with an impressive track record in software development, enterprise intelligence and home care management.

We are proud to say that the entire product was created on U.S. soil and all of the data is stored in the United States.

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Core Team

Talent, Vision, Insights and Performance

Because of its unique insights and vision, the Carecenta team has not only raised the home health care performance bar to an entirely new level, it has also redefined realistic growth and profit projections for health care clients.

Carecenta empowers clients and helps to ensure that strategic goals and sales objectives are being met due to the numerous advantages that clients enjoy as a result of the cost-effective information technology workflow and financial management solutions the firm provides.

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590 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Floor 21

Toll-free: 1.877.775.5575
Phone: (646) 774-2000
Fax: (646) 205-2813

Support & Training Team

Five-Star Service Commitment

Our team is fully committed to supporting clients as they struggle with the pressing need to incorporate the latest technology into their healthcare practices without exposing patients to risks, violating HIPAA requirements, or adding undue stress to staff members. It's a tall order.

We deliver:

  • Comprehensive training of your staff
  • Improvement in your organization and workflow
  • Seamless stress-free transition to Carecenta
  • Free on-going live person support

We work hard to help you get the most out of your software. We conduct daily integrity checks and constantly monitor system operation to assure Carecenta delivers the best user experience.

In the event an issue arises, our technical support team, based in New York City, quickly answers phone calls and emails. We work diligently to help you right away.

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41% of homecare agencies are new*
65% are migrating from other software packages*

* The numbers based on customer surveys conducted by our company during the period from 2013-2024. Last updated June 1, 2024.

‘Some results were to be expected. Others surprised us. From these statistics we’ve come to the conclusion that the convergence of technology and user experience create a healthy workflow outcome...’

Development Team

Quick-Response Group

We are able to provide a unique solution for every client tailored to their particular situation. We have a long track record of success in tailored-up methodologies.

Carecenta also has a forward-thinking support structure, with a formal "Quick Response" group -- a team of dedicated developers responsible for providing a fast response to your need in additional functionality.

Let us show you how we work

77% of homecare businesses stating that management software makes the biggest impact on their daily operations.*

95% of all operational errors could be avoided by using the right software.*

* The numbers based on customer surveys conducted by our company during the period from 2013-2024. Last updated June 1, 2024.

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