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iPad Tutorial - How to upload PDF files to Daycenta - our Adult Daycare SaaS solution

New York -- January 24, 2020

Easy Uploads to iPad - iPadOS 

[Editor's Note:] We recently received this request and wanted to share the knowledge with the Daycenta community.  While this tutorial covers Daycenta, our Adult Daycare SaaS platform, the same iPad and iPhone principles work with Carecenta, which covers the Homecare and Nursing & Home Infusion sectors. A big thank you to Lisa P., for her contributions to this article. 

Our customer success managers have a multitude of tablets (Android and iPad) and smart phones (Android and iPhones) to help our clients because we know sometimes it's not always Carecenta or Daycenta our clients need help with but instead navigating Windows, Apple OS, Android, iOS, or iPadOS operating systems. 


Step 1 - For iPhone or iPad devices, we recommend to login to with the latest version of Safari.  In the example below we are creating "New Aide Plan" PDF form to upload into our client's profile.  

First, inside the client's file in Daycenta, go to the left panel and click on Documents and Files as highlighted below. 


Step 2 - To create a new document focus your eyes on the section under Create New Document highlighted below: 


Step 3 - Click on the highlighted drop-down menu to access the various forms, as you can see from the screenshot below, we have a multitude of forms including CMS 485, CMS485, discharge plans (PT), MSW status, and OASIS forms, just to name a few. 

Select your document, in our example, we are clicking on "Aide Care Plan" PDF form.


Step 4

If you already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your device and the new document pops-up successfully in a new tab, then skip to step 10.

If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed but no document is created skip to step 7.

If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF installed move to step 5.

Step 5

Go to the App store and download Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF.  It is a free download. 

Step 6
Adobe will require you to register for a free account using either any e-mail address, Google, or Facebook connection options. Now go back to step 3.

Step 7

If after downloading Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF a new document is not created in a new tab the reason is likely because Safari has "pop-ups" blocked as a default.

To activate pop-ups go to your iPad settings.  

Step 8

Once you are in Settings of your iPad, click on the Safari settings on the left side of the panel just like you see circled below.

Step 9

Inside Safari settings go to "Block Pop-ups" on the right side of the panel and toggle the switch as circled below.  Now repeat step 3 to create your new PDF document.

Step 10

After the pop-up opens a new document in Daycenta, click on the Share button as highlighted below.  The PDF is not fillable unless you copy the document into Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF which is step 12.

Step 11
Click on "Copy to Acrobat"

Step 12

Inside Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF, you can input changes to the fillable PDF forms.  For example, in the dcoument below under Functional Limitations we clicked on Hearing and under DME we clicked on Walker.

After you fill the data to your PDF document click on the return button highlighted below.

Step 13

Back in the Daycenta portal, easily upload the PDF document you just worked on by clicking on "Choose File" and then click on the 3 dots on "Browse" as highlighted by the circles below.

Step 14

You will now see this upload menu below.  First, click "On My iPad" then click on the "Acrobat" folder as circled below. 

Step 15 

Pick the PDF file you were just working on.

Step 16

You know you have done the previous step correctly if you see the document in the Select File section.  Only naming the file remains. 

Step 17

Name your file then click on Upload.  If you have done everything correctly you will see your document under the "Documents" section of the patient's profile as highlighted below. 

And you are done.  Congrats!


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