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Carecenta's Secret Weapon: Technical Support

New York -- June 17, 2024

At Carecenta, our clients come first. Whether they are facing Department of Health audits or are looking to enhance your caregiver recruiting, Carecenta is here to make your home care latency run smoothly. With our state of the art technology, cloud capabilities, and easy to use features, Carecenta is the management software of choice for home care agency owners. 


One of the issues that has come up when speaking to potential clients is that they struggle with technical support with their home care management software provider. Many of our clients have switched over to Carecenta because they had many unanswered tickets, phone calls, and emails regarding very real challenges in setting up and working within home care management software. This piece of feedback from our clients has made an impression on us here at Carecenta. And we are committed to providing a seamless user experience for our clients both within our software and in our support teams. 


Whenever our clients have a question or need some technical assistance, they are provided with white glove support on these concerns. We aim to build a long term partnership with our clients in order to support them on their journey in the home care industry. For us at Carecenta, we measure success by how our clients are able to develop their home care agencies, increase their census, and provide the best quality care. Through our personalized customer service, we are there for our clients. Home care agency owners, staff, coordinators, directors, and caregivers can email their own personal account manager and receive a quick reply. Our team is here to walk you through solutions and ongoing training for the software. 


We offer comprehensive initial and ongoing support for our clients. Our goal is to deliver a stress-free experience for both new and existing clients. We are proud of our five-star live person support team and how easy it is to adopt the software into your home care organization. Carecenta is designed with clients in mind, whether they are home care startups looking to grow a new home care agency or a seasoned home care provider looking to make a change. The home care industry is full of unique challenges and hurdles. With Carecenta, your home care management software won't be just another challenge. With us, you won’t have to worry about finding the right solutions or tracking down unresponsive customer support. We’re here with you and for you as you