The Ultimate in Care Management Software

Carecenta, the Ultimate in Advanced Home Care Management Software

New York -- March 25, 2019

Carecenta's new Homecare Management Software delivers cutting edge information technology solutions and highly efficient resources that are transparent, cost-effective, and comprehensive.

The unique system is carefully designed using a component-based architecture that allows clients to start and configure the system to support their existing needs. It also allows for scalable solution challenges on an as-needed basis for future expansion. The system provides a high level of transmission security and automated compliance checks. It is also fully compliant with the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

There are many convenient and cost-saving advantages with Carecenta's next-generation management system. It includes audit portals for insurance companies or regulators. It's interesting to note that this feature has not been addressed by the competition.


Carecenta delivers advantages result in better compliance, simplified audits, ground breaking transparency for regulators, increased efficiency, fewer man-hours, decreased billing issues, and robust business solutions that translate into impressive decreases in operating costs and increased profits