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Does My Adult Daycare Center Need Management Software?

New York -- June 06, 2024

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Adult day care centers provide a benefit to the senior community through socialization, meals, companionship, and activities. However, many adult day care centers do not have a dedicated management software to handle their workflow and operations. Management software, such as Daycenta, provide a seamless tool for accounting, billing HR, payroll, and scheduling. The software is a one-stop solution for adult day care centers for all their back-end needs. A management software can also support the day cares in being compliant with automated reporting and billing. Management software can protect your day care center in the event of an audit or another process in which the center needs to provide documentation. 


While it might be true that adult day cares are not subject to the same software requirements as a home care agency, all of the same protections are necessary. Even if an adult day care center owner does not believe they need a one-stop solution, it is a highly beneficial investment. This is because management software offers protection from the liabilities that come from running an adult day care. 


One of the biggest shortcomings that adult day care centers have before investing in day care management software is that the Department of Health does not require adult day care centers to have management software. While it is not a requirement, having management software is still a very prudent investment and smart preventative measure. Imagine you have a third party doing your accounting and billing for you. That vendor might be excellent at their work, but there are inherent risks in working with a third party. They might close shop or lose documents or any other kind of unexpected event. The DOH requires documents from seven years prior, and with management software day care owners can rest assured that their important information is stored securely in the Cloud. 


You also will be paying the vendor a percentage of the receivable payments, whereas if you allow for a management system you are in control of every dollar involved with your business. Adult day cares are required to do billing by sign-in sheet verification. Doing so by authorization is prohibited under the compliance standard Daycenta provides an electronic solution for verification, eliminating the need for paper sign-in and potential loss of documents. With Daycenta any and all billing concerns are within your control.


Why put your adult daycare business at the risk of costly violations? Your day care center is liable and accountable for each violation with a fee of $2500. For example, each missing signature that was billed on a visit is a violation and can cost your day care money. With Daycenta this billing is done through a more formal process and the margin for error is lower. 


These are many benefits for day care centers to have formal management software. Daycenta allows for you to have more control over your business, protects you from DOH audits and costly fines, and automates many of the processes you are already doing manually. While getting a software might be an investment, it will pay off by allowing you more time for business development, developing new plans for the center, and strategizing innovative methods for providing the best services for your clients.With Daycenta, you will save time and, without a third party vendor, keep all of your billing proceeds