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Compliance for HR in Home Care: What Carecenta Offers

New York -- June 12, 2024

One of the most important issues facing the home care industry right now is caregiver and employee turnover. There are national caregiver shortages, and employees are rightfully requiring their employers to be compliant with HR guidelines. Because of these concerns, it is vital for home care agencies to be very careful with human resource protocols. This is part of the package with home care management software, and every home care agency must analyze the features available to make sure that their employees are protected. 


However, HR compliance is not just to protect employees, but also to protect the agency. With proper HR compliance, home care agencies can be certain they are following their local state regulations and not opening themselves up to additional problems.The importance of HR compliance in home care is similar to that of the other facets of the business. There are concerns over quality of care, risk management, legal implications, and protecting employees. Through these concerns, homecare agency owners need to understand what kind of features their home care management software should have. 


How Carecenta can help


HR compliance is of utmost importance for Carecenta, and we are determined to provide game-changing software features for our home care agency clients. Through our technology, agency owners can rest assured that their human resources needs are being met. What does Carecenta offer within the human resources department? Keep reading to find out. 


Carecenta offers an automated compliance population, which is based on the regulation for your state. Home care agencies must comply with numerous regulations and standards set by various governing bodies, such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), state health departments, and accreditation organizations. Keeping up with these compliance requirements can be a complex and time-consuming task, especially for larger agencies with multiple locations and a significant number of caregivers. With Carecenta, these complex tasks can be automated with a click of a button, allowing for agency owners to focus their attention on other matters. 

Carecenta offers integrated background and immigration checks, protecting your employees, patients, and agency as a whole. These checks will make sure that your agency is following the legal guidelines for employment and will make sure that your patients are in safe hands with caregivers entering their home. Carecenta can create these processes quickly and efficiently. The software also has an integrated Department of Health channel, and Department of Labor handling. 

Regarding home care employees, Carecenta allows for employee time and attendance management, with payroll audits available in minutes as well. Employees are further protected with ext and email notifications for out of compliance coding so that they can correct what went wrong. Carecenta’s automated compliance monitoring and reporting will help catch errors immediately so that employees can learn the proper processes or stay up to date on changes in regulation. 

Carecenta’s communication features are designed to create a streamlined channel for relaying key information. With top security and capabilities for text and email, it has never been easier than ever for home care agencies to get in touch with their staff about critical matters. The communication technology will be a benefit for home care agencies as it allows for high quality care to be the foremost priority. Without having to worry over communications struggles, home care agencies can determine how best to improve the patient experience. 


Carecent’a HR capabilities offer the best experience for home care agency owners, staff, administrators, coordinators, and caregivers. Through this seamless and fully integrated experience, the patient can be at the forefront of the agency's efforts. By utilizing Carecenta and its state of the art technology, home care agency owners can be confident that their operational needs are in good hands and focus on what really matters: the patient.