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Carecenta Gives You Control of Every Dollar

New York -- June 13, 2024


For many if not all home care agency owners, there is a consistent stress over finances and the money coming in and coming out of the business. With the complex matters of insurance, Medicaid, and private payers, there are many avenues to receive payment and reimbursements–and even more ways to mess it up. What makes this topic so serious for home care agencies is that making sure these finances are under control is paramount for the agency to run successfully. There are a few consequences for mishandling the financial matters within home care such as reducing reimbursements, delaying payments, and irritating caretivers and patients both.


Every home care agency needs to have home care management software that can keep everything in order. The home care management software needs to have several features in order to maintain the financial practices of the home care agency. There is one factor which home care agencies must be concerned about within payments, reimbursements, and other revenue streams is whether or not they are in control of every dollar that goes into and comes out of the home care agency. 


This is where Carecenta can help! 


Carecenta is a leading home care management software that provides extensive features for your home care agency. The software is a one stop shop for home care operational needs such as accounting, billing, HR, payroll, scheduling and reporting. With Carecenta, all of the features are automated which provides a smooth user experience. Home care agency owners, coordinators, administrators, staff, and caregivers can access and work on their documentation, reporting, and financial tasks with ease.


How does Carecenta give you control over the income in your home care agency? 


Carecenta’s comprehensive billing and invoicing software empowers healthcare providers to take control of their revenue cycle management process. With seamless integration capabilities that connect to major clearinghouses and support billing for all insurance companies, MLTC, CHHA, and Medicaid, providers can efficiently submit claims and invoices electronically. The automated audit and real-time account receivables reports provide a checkpoint system, enabling providers to monitor their incoming payments and outstanding balances proactively. This level of transparency and control over the billing process ensures that providers can identify and address any payment discrepancies promptly, reducing the risk of lost revenue.

Furthermore, Carecenta's ability to generate industry-standard invoice forms, along with customizable forms, empowers providers to meet the specific requirements of various payers. The inclusion of printed timesheets with invoices streamlines documentation, reducing the risk of claim denials or delays due to insufficient supporting documentation. The automated EOP processing feature eliminates the need for manual reconciliation, saving time and resources while minimizing errors. Carecenta offers automated account receivables, which will perform the calculations and generate reports instantaneously. As you enter the information, the the system will work to provide a detailed report of your accounts receivable. With billing processes streamlined and automated, healthcare providers can focus on delivering quality care, confident in their ability to accurately capture and collect their well-deserved income.